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When attempting to use a Subtract Boolean with the combination of a 

non-promoted Target Body and promoted Tool Body, NX will not allow the 

promoted Tool Body to be selected? What is the issue? 


Promoted bodies have the following restrictions: 

All Modeling operations that cause the model to lose its parameterization or 

feature history, are not available for promoted bodies.

You cannot reorder a promoted body into the component's feature list, or vice 

versa. You can manipulate a promoted body only when the part that it was 

defined in is the work part.

If you move a body to another part of the assembly tree after it is promoted, 

the promotion is deleted.

When you translate parts, promoted bodies are not translated.

When performing operations that require a target body and a tool body, only 

certain combinations of target and tool bodies are supported, as shown in the 

following table:

Target Body Tool Body Allowed? 

Promoted Promoted Yes 

Not promoted Promoted No 

Promoted Not promoted Yes 

Not promoted Not promoted Yes

This information be found in the online documention when searching for the 

article Promote Body Restrictions.

The user can convert the Promote Body to a Link Body by editing it's 

parameters, which will allow the Subtract boolean operation.


KB Article ID# PL8002750



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