Solid Edge Running Solid Edge ST8 in a TC environment for ST10




Would like to upgrade Teamcenter test environment to run Solid Edge ST10. The readme docs say this requires an update of the SEEC Feature Package to ST10. Can you still run Solid Edge ST8 in the test environment if the SEEC Feature Package is updated to ST10? Currently on Teamcenter RapidStart 10.1.6.


To answer the question, yes, you can (must) install the ST10 SEEC 
administrator application and also install the feature overlay package, via 
the TC TEM UI, delivered with the ST10 SEEC administrator package in your Test 
environment used for ST8 and continue testing with both ST8 & ST10.

However, please note this is not a production supported configuration as it is 
not certified, tested or deployed in our environments. So beware you do have 
unknown risks. One example of a major change from ST8 to ST10, ST10 SEEC has 
embedded the usage of server based policy files into the SEEC client and 
therefore are no longer delivered as policy files. 

Please note: you cannot apply this concept to your clients. ST8 and ST10 cannot 
run from the same machine in a SEEC environment. Also, recall that once ST10 
opens and saves a file you can not open that same file with ST8.

Notes and References

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 2012
Application: ASSEMBLY
Version: V110.0
Function: ASSEMBLY

Ref: 001-8997040

KB Article ID# PL8002716



Associated Components

Assembly Modeling