Solid Edge Text boxes created as solid black rectangles when saved to PDF




Creating a PDF file from a Solid Edge draft results in some text boxes being printed as solid black rectangles.


For these text boxes that are having an issue with being printed as solid black boxes, it is likely that there has been defined a fill colour on each of these text boxes.  That fill colour is white which is why the issue is not immediately noticeable in the Draft file.  When creating the PDF file, selecting the option to "save as all colours to black", an explicitly defined colour of white will then be printed as black.  Therefore, an unnoticed filled white box in the Draft becomes printed as a filled black box in the PDF. 
To resolve this issue: 
1.   In the draft file, select the text box and right-click -> Properties. 
2.   Select the "Border and Fill" tab. 
3.   Change the "Fill color" from "White" to "none". 
4.   Select OK. 
5.   Save as Translated -> PDF again. 
The black filled rectangle issue is now resolved. 

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: na
OS: n/a
OS Version: n/a
Application: TRANSLATORS
Version: V109.0
Function: PDF

Ref: 001-8952545

KB Article ID# PL8002697



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