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When placing a part within the routing application the dialog contains a pull down menu for the selection of the reference set.  By default this will be set to the model reference set.  How can a part be set so that it defaults to a different reference set when placed in a routing assembly?


Add an attribute to the component part called "Reference_set" and assign value matching the name of a reference set stored in the part that you would like to be the default/preferred choice when it is added to an assembly.

For example, Reference_set=BLOCK

When this part is placed in Routing the reference set is automatically set to "BLOCK"

This setting does not affect the Add component dialog, this will use the value stored in the dialog memory

A method to control the default reference set in the Add component dialog is described in this KB article:


When working in the routing application it is also possible to control the default reference set by creating a descriptor attribute in the ptb file. This is described in the help documentation here:



KB Article ID# PL8002589



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