Siemens PLM Licensing What license features are needed to create an Extraction Path or a Motion Envelope in Assembly Sequence?

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Trying to create an Extraction Path in the Assembly Sequence application gives the NX popup error:

     The path planning license is not available.

Trying to create a Motion Envelope in the Assembly Sequence application gives the NX popup error:

     The motion envelope license is not available.


The license feature required to perform an Extraction Path is "nx_3d_path_planning".

The license feature required to perform Motion Envelope functionality is "nx_3d_swept_volume".

The NX Assembly Path Planning product [NX30128] is the only product that contains both of these license features.  These licenses are not available in any other products or bundles.

Notes and References

Product description of NX Assembly Path Planning [NX30128]

NX Assembly Path Planning Extraction Path automatically determines the 
optimum, interference-free path for extracting a component from an assembly. 
NX users may take advantage of this functionality in cases where the 
extraction path is not obvious or requires complex user interaction to define. 
The resulting path is stored as a set of steps within an assembly sequence. 
The extraction path can streamline serviceability studies by verifying 
component access without requiring a physical prototype or extensive analysis. 
Motion Envelope generates faceted volumes which take into account the motion 
of selected components defined in an assembly sequence or the motion 
simulation application. These volumes may then be used to represent design 
avoidance zones such as a part's motion or maintenance access keep out zones 
within which other components should not be located. The resulting faceted 
bodies may be stored in the assembly or a separate part file. 

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Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Product: NX
Application: SYSTEM
Version: V10.0.3

Ref: 001-8980278

KB Article ID# PL8002540



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