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In the case of a cylinder, there's no edge to attach the dimension to. So it is not possible to directly create a PMI Chamfer dimension on a cylindrical object. How can one be created?


The Clip Section command can be used to create section curves to be selected for the PMI Chamfer dimension.

1.  In the Menu, select 'View-->Section-->New Section'.
2.  In the View Section dialog, specify the plane for the creation of the section curves.
3.  In the Section Curve Settings group select the 'Save Copy of Section Curves'.
4.  OK the View Section dialog.
5.  In the Menu, select 'View-->Section-->Clip Section' to turn off the clipped section view while the 
     section curves remain visible.
6.  In the Menu, select 'PMI-->Dimension-->Chamfer Dimension'.
7.  Select a line of the section curves to create the PMI chamfer dimension.
NOTE: After the PMI Chamfer dimension has been created, the section curves can be hidden.

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Platform: all
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Product: NX
Application: PMI
Version: V11.0.2

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