Simcenter 3D Solutions 2D thermal mesh(UNV file) from 3rd party needs remesh

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If an FEA only 2D mesh is imported into NX/Simcenter and the mesh needs to be 

modified, editing option may be limited but the following procedure can allow 



A 2D mesh that does not have an associated polygon face or body, cannot be 

edited as a mesh or be edited with the 2D Local Remesh function. However, 

the Model Cleanup -> Face from Mesh function associates the resulting polygon 

face to the mesh and normal editing on the mesh can be performed.

1. Select Menu -> Insert -> Model Cleanup -> Face from Mesh. 

2. Select the 2D elements and OK. 

> Note: The mesh is still in its collector and one can RMB on the mesh in the 

Simulation Navigator and select Edit. Thus, a new element size and other 

options within the 2D mesh dialog, such as the element type, can be used. The 

2D Local Remesh function will be able to select the elements since a polygon 

face is associated with that mesh. 


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