NX X Retire 'Weld point' and 'Weld Publishing Method: Legacy' commands in NX Jan 2019

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Siemens PLM Software will retire the commands Weld Point and Weld Publishing Method: Legacy from the NX Weld Assistant with the NX Jan 2019 release. 

The Weld Point function was replaced by the Weld Point Wizard in NX10 and has been removed from the OOTB ribbons and hidden since NX11. The Weld Point Wizard provides additional capability to specify and edit discrete joint locations. The Weld Point dialog will only appear if an edit is attempted on weld points generated with this legacy command. No new weld points can be generated using this retired command. 

Legacy weld points may be converted to the current weld point format using the Weld Utility: Convert Legacy Weld Points. This will modify the format only and enable the weld points to take advantage of the current weld point functionality. 

The Weld Publishing Method: Legacy will no longer be an option in the Teamcenter Integration Customer Defaults. Its function published weld objects as Occurrences of Items in Teamcenter. The Weld Publishing method will now publish weld objects as Items only.

There are no migration functions available to convert Teamcenter database objects from Occurrences to Items. Weld Objects previously published as Occurrences will remain Occurrences in the database. If an attempt to publish them again is made, they will be identified in a message to the user and published as Items.

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