Teamcenter Using translator services and/or TC baseline that reference the retired refile command

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This SFB is only for NX - Teamcenter customers that use TC translator services and/or TC baseline command which reference the retired NX 12.0.1 refile command.  

For these customers the minimum versions of Teamcenter when using NX 12.0.1 are not: TC 10.1.7,  TC, and TC 11.4.  

For these customers the minimum versions of Teamcenter are: TC 10.1.7.a0_p1, Tc (no change), and TC11.4.0.2.

Product Information:
  • Product: TEAMCENTER
  • Product: NX

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Service Lifecycle Management - SLM Integr. for Service Planner Maximo Integr. Service Lifecycle Management - Service Technician Access