Solid Edge Cannot select 3D printer to print model to




User cannot select a 3D printer to print a Solid Edge model to after selecting "3D Print".


In ST10 in the 3D Print page there is nowhere to actually select an installed 3D printer to print to.  This is working as designed.

Technically  Solid Edge does not send the 3D model directly to a 3D printer but instead uses the Windows 10  3D printing interface. 
In the following environment there is a 3D printer defined:
When you go to the 3D Print page, the "3D Print" button is disabled by default:
The user must first select "Preview".  Once the Preview command has been completed then the 3D Print button is active:
Once all of the desired 3D printing preferences have been completed the user can then select the now active "3D Print" button.

After selecting "3D Print" the model is then sent to the Microsoft "Print 3D" application.  It is from this Microsoft printing application that the customer will then select their installed 3D printer:
I hope this helps to clarify the behaviour and expectation for 3D printing from Solid Edge.  

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 1064
Version: V110.0
Function: FILE

Ref: 002-8002434

KB Article ID# PL8002434



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