Solid Edge Pattern Along Curve not allowing 1 in XDirCount




In ST9 when using the "Pattern Along Curve" command it was possible to provide a value of 1 for the "XDirCount" variable for the number of occurrences in the X direction through the "Variable Table".  With ST10 it is no longer possible to set a value of 1 for XDirCount in the Variable Table.  Why?


This is working as designed.

With ST9, when initially creating the Pattern Along Curve feature it is not possible to enter a value of 1 for the number of occurrences.  There has to be a minimum number of 2 occurrences in order to complete the command.  This makes sense as why would you invoke the Pattern command and then not actually pattern anything?

However, in ST9, after entering a minimum of 2 occurrences, it is then possible to go into the Variable Table and change the number of occurrences to 1 and the command will work.  This is the behaviour that the customer is reporting as working.  However, this goes against the behaviour of the command when initially creating the feature.  Initially you cannot create this Pattern feature with an occurrence of 1 so why should you then be allowed to modify the feature after the fact to create only 1 occurrence?  This is a hole in the expected or correct behaviour for the software for ST9. 

So, for ST10 we have plugged this hole by automatically creating a Limit rule when initially creating the Pattern Along Curve feature.  This Limit rule limits you to only change the number of occurrences to 2 minimum.  If you attempt to override or remove this Limit rule to explicitly allow only 1 occurrence then there is an error thrown for the feature.

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: n/a
Application: ASSEMBLY
Version: V110.0

Ref: 002-8002424

KB Article ID# PL8002424



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