Solid Edge Out-of-the-box utilities to convert SEEC datasets to neutral file formats

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What out-of-the-box utilities exist to convert SEEC datasets in Teamcenter to neutral file formats?


With SEEC we provide two utilities related to translating Solid Edge files into other formats from within Teamcenter.
We provide the SEEC_Workflow_PDF_Generation.exe command line utility which can be used with the TCRS-export-signoff-data handler in a Teamcenter workflow to automate the capture of signoffs in a release workflow process, placing those signoffs on to the Solid Edge draft, and then generate a PDF containing this release signoff meta data which is then pushed back into Teamcenter under the Item Revision. 
We also provide the SolidEdgeTranslationServices.exe command line utility which can be incorporated into the Teamcenter Translation Services to automate generation of neutral file formats from Solid Edge datasets.  For more on the formats supported by this utility please see the following resource: 
For this utility, the Solid Edge file is opened outside of SEEC through the command line.  As such, this utility does not perform any form of attribute mapping to the Teamcenter meta data.  The attribute data would need to already exist within the Solid Edge file before being translated. 

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: n/a
Version: V219.0
Function: SEEC

Ref: 002-8002422

KB Article ID# PL8002422



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