Solid Edge Undo command is working intermittently.




Undo command is working intermittently.


Certain operations clear the Undo list. For example, when you save a file or transition from one environment to another, the Undo list is cleared. When the Undo list is cleared, the Undo command is not available until more actions are added to the list. 

Some other related workflow or actions which can control the Solid Edge "Undo" command performance are as follows:

-  You can change the number of actions that can be undone using the Solid Edge Options dialog box.

-  View manipulations are not included in the undo list.

-  The Undo command is not available when working with Alternate Assemblies. 

- To undo or redo the most recent action, on the Quick Access toolbar, click the Undo button or the Redo button.

- To undo or redo more than one action, click the arrow next to either the Undo or Redo button on the -  Quick Access toolbar, and select the actions you want to undo or redo.

- Broken links cannot be restored with the Undo command.

- Editing in the context of an assembly through in-place activation will not clear the undo list.

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764
Version: V219.0
Function: FILE

Ref: 002-8002373

KB Article ID# PL8002373



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