Solid Edge Does Solid Edge support a "Spell Checker" in Draft?




Does Solid Edge support a "Spell Checker" command in the Drafting environment?


Yes, Solid Edge delivers a custom macro called "Draft Spell Checker.exe". To run this macro you will open a Solid Edge Draft file and then execute the "Draft Spell Checker.exe" using "Run Macro.

You can also add the "Draft Spell Checker.exe" to the RibbonBar by using the "Customize RibbonBar" functionality.

The known imitations for this "Macro" are as follows:

-Tool uses the spell checker engine from Microsoft Word.  Therefore, Microsoft Word must be installed on the machine where this tool is going to be used.

-If you need to add words to the dictionary, currently this tool does not support this directly.  Instead, open a word document and use the WORD tools to add the necessary word(s) to the dictionary.  Since this tool uses the WORD spell checker, this will allow this tool to take advantage of the updated dictionary.

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 1064
Application: DRAFT
Version: V219.0
Function: OTHER

Ref: 002-8002340

KB Article ID# PL8002340



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