NX NX user experiences - License Error: Feature start date is in the future. [-31]

NX System Administration



The NX user attempts to launch NX and receives this error:

On the license server, the splm_ugslmd.log file reveals the following:
(First of many lines having a similar error phrase, this example involving an NX13100N bundle)

Further toward the bottom of the splm_ugslmd.log file, the particular user activity will record as follows:

13:11:21 (ugslmd) UNSUPPORTED: "NX13100N_gateway" (PORT_AT_HOST_PLUS   ) userx@clienthost  (Feature start date is in the future. (-31,14712))

This license file is performing AS DESIGNED.
For a given customer sold-to ID which the bill of material represents that of a "SUBSCRIPTION" license,
a strict START DATE (referred to as the "Installation Date" in the bill of material) is implemented.

In this example, START=11-jul-2018 indicates this license (at least the NX13100N bundle in this example) will become available on July 11, 2018. Put another way, this bundle will NOT be available before July 11th, (i.e. July 10, 2018) - not until July 11, 2018 arrives. 

 INCREMENT NX13100N ugslmd 32.0 03-may-2019 7 SUPERSEDE DUP_GROUP=UHD \
            user_info="NX Mach 3 Prod Design" ISSUED=10-jul-2018 \
            BORROW=2880 ck=240 START=11-jul-2018 SIGN="0105 D3B8 B33E D129 \
            83EC CEF4 073D D112 A06C 4F1E 9E33 984B 73A0 3284 F6CC 146D \
            1393 310D CB63 04EF 29FC 5508 D597 835F D475 C114 5E77 C196 \
            AE5B 3A5B"

Morning of July 11, 2018:
NX 12.0 launches successfully
Bottom of splm_ugslmd.log file

7:25:21 (ugslmd) TIMESTAMP 7/11/2018
8:18:29 (ugslmd) OUT: "NX13100N" userx@clienthost  
8:18:29 (ugslmd) OUT: "NX13100N_gateway" userx@clienthost

Is a start/stop or reread required of the license server on the START DATE?
NO – By design, the license server (assuming it was running healthy in the first place) will perform its own REREAD at midnight (beginning of the START= date)

splm_ugslmd.log file at midnight (beginning of July 11, 2018)

19:15:14 (ugslmd) TIMESTAMP 7/10/2018
21:10:14 (ugslmd) (@ugslmd-SLOG@) ===============================================
21:10:14 (ugslmd) (@ugslmd-SLOG@) === Last 10 Client Requests Processing Time (in ms) ===
21:10:14 (ugslmd) (@ugslmd-SLOG@) Time: Tue Jul 10 2018 21:10:14 Pacific Daylight Time
Pacific Daylight Time
21:10:14 (ugslmd) (@ugslmd-SLOG@) ===============================================
0:00:10 (ugslmd) Rereading license file...
0:00:10 (ugslmd) Server started on licenseserverx for:    
0:00:10 (ugslmd) FS602FNX (consisting of:                   FS602FNX_fs3_nx 
0:00:10 (ugslmd) FS602FNX_fs_wbdi_nx) 
0:00:10 (ugslmd) NX13100N (consisting of:                   NX13100N_3d_to_2d_flattener 
0:00:10 (ugslmd) NX13100N_adv_assemblies NX13100N_assemblies NX13100N_design_studio 



Wait for the START DATE or "Installation Date" to arrive – then users can checkout licenses (at least the features which a START DATE was imposed).
As long as the license server is running healthy in the first place, a restart or reread of the license server on the START DATE will NOT be necessary.  The license feature per START DATE will now become available.

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 1064
Product: NX
Application: PLATFORMS
Version: V12.0
Function: FLEXLM

Ref: 002-8002336

KB Article ID# PL8002336



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