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How to synchronize the Stucture Manager BOMLine/PSOccurence Reference Designator attribute with NX.  The Reference Designator column can be enabled in Structure Manager, but how is this attribute viewable and editable in NX?


1). Via Teamcenter, use "Edit --> Options" to edit the PS_structure_change_condition preference and add ReferenceDesignator to the list of values.  Save the preference.

2). Send an existing BVR to Structure Manager and add the column: BOMLine.bl_ref_designator (note: you may have to check the option "Show internal names of properties, as there are two similarly named "Reference Designator" columns).

3). Within the Reference Designator column, double-click a row for one of the components in the structure and add some text to represent a value.

4). Save the BVR and send the structure to NX.

5). With the assembly loaded in NX, right click the component that was assigned a Reference Designator in Step 3 and select Properties.  Select the Attributes tab and locate the attribute titled "Occurrence Reference Designator" and confirm that the value reflects what was assign in Structure Manager.

6). Edit the attribute's value and save the assembly.

7). Return to Structure Manager and confirm that the edited value has updated in the corresponding BVR structure.

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 1064
Product: NX
Application: NXMANAGER
Version: V12.0.1

Ref: 002-8002232

KB Article ID# PL8002232



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