NX X Setting up asynchronous JT save using Dispatcher & NX12

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Some settings have changed from NX10 and 11 to NX12 when attempting to setup asynchronous JT save from NX using Dispatcher.
- The asyncservice is no longer needed. 
- The option for asynchronous JT save is no longer in NX


This is assuming NX12 is installed with Dispatcher installed and configured with Teamcenter 11.

To setup asynchronous JT save using Dispatcher & NX12, follow these steps:
- Open NX >> File > Utilities > Customer Defaults > Gateway > JT Files > Export > Check box for "Save JT Data"

- Open module\conf\translator.xml, locate the nxtransdirect section, and edit > isactive="true"
<NxTransDirect provider="SIEMENS" service="nxtransdirect" isactive="true" OutputNeeded="false">
- Open Module\Translators\nxtransdirect\nxtransdirect.bat. Edit TC_ROOT, TC_DATA, FMS_HOME, and TC_JRE_HOME.
set TC_ROOT=C:\PLM\tc_root
set TC_DATA=C:\PLM\tc_data
set FMS_HOME=C:\PLM\tc_root\tccs
set TC_JRE_HOME=C:\apps\Java8x64
- Open Teamcenter and ensure this preference is set:

To verify, restart NX, open/create part, then Save to Teamcenter. A Dispatcher task will be created in the Admin Console.

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: AMD64
OS: window
OS Version: 2012_R2
Product: NX
Application: TRANSLATOR
Version: V12.0.1
Function: NX_JT

Ref: 002-8002175

KB Article ID# PL8002175



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