Simcenter 3D Solutions Groups are not being exported to an Abaqus '.inp' input deck

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Groups are not being written when an Abaqus '.inp' input deck is exported from Simcenter 3D.  The problem exists irrespective of the 'export' method used, i.e. the problem is seen for both of the following export methods:

- solving the Abaqus solution

- exporting the model using 'file, export, simulation'


From the 'simulation navigator' within the context of the  (Abaqus solver environment) '.sim' file, on the solution 'solver parameters' form, check the setting for:

'formatting options, write out group data'

By default, in Simcenter 3D version 11 this option is set to be 'off'.  Simply turn it 'on' to enable the exporting of groups to the Abaqus '.inp' input deck.


Additionally, the reader may wish to refer to the article entitled:

Write out group data

within the Simcenter 3D version 11 Help Documentation, where the following is stated:

When you export or solve your model, [this setting] controls whether the software exports any groups in your model using the Abaqus *NSET and *ELSET commands.  If you select this option, the software writes out the group data in your model to the Abaqus input file using the *NSET and *ELSET commands.  If you clear this option, the software does not write out the group data in your model to the Abaqus input file. 


Note that this setting is model ('.sim' file) specific and there is no 'file, utilities, customer default' setting available to set the default behaviour to 'on'.


KB Article ID# PL8002174



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