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Following a business review, Siemens PLM Software has decided to retire the version of NX and Simcenter 3D software product on Linux Operating System. This decision, although difficult, allows us to devote additional resources to accelerate delivery of new functionality and solutions.

Siemens has devoted significant resources to the Linux Operating System. However, monitoring customer usage in our regular business reviews we have concluded that our customers will be better served by accelerating our delivery schedules by redeploying the developers working on platform specific projects. NX 12 and Simcenter 3D v12, released in October 2017, will be the final enhancement release on the Linux Operating System. NX 12 and Simcenter 3D v12 will continue to be available for the Linux Operating System through December 2019 with maintenance updates via the regular maintenance process.

Customers with Linux Operating System can open existing Linux Operating System saved NX and Simcenter 3D data files on Windows. User knowledge and experience with NX and Simcenter 3D will be preserved. GTAC team will continue to provide support for NX and Simcenter 3D running on the Linux Operating System.

Simcenter 3D Solvers are unaffected by this change, these will continue to run on Linux beyond the v12 release.

Careful thought and consideration have gone into this decision. We value you as a loyal customer and we are committed to your success. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding during this time of change. For more information about NX and Simcenter 3D and supported platforms, please contact your Siemens PLM Software account manager.

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