Solid Edge Keyword RESERVE not limiting or restricting number of users in a group to run Solid Edge

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Trying to use an options file to limit or restrict the maximum number of individuals in a certain group to access Solid Edge using the RESERVE keyword.  However, this is currently allowing more than the allotted number of Solid Edge users in the group from running Solid Edge.  How to properly configure the license options file to restrict or limit the number of maximum users in a group from running Solid Edge?


Keyword RESERVE does not limit the total number of licenses available.  All this does is ensure that there will be a minimum number of licenses available to the assigned group preventing other non-assigned users from accessing this reserved number of licenses.  The assigned group can still take more licences than have been reserved.
Keyword MAX will limit the total number of licenses a group can access.  In the following example options file, this would limit the GROUP GTAC to only be able to run a maximum one seat of Solid Edge at any one time, regardless of how many Solid Edge licenses are actually available:
GROUP GTAC santurde merritt
MAX 1 solidedge GROUP GTAC

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 1064
Application: SETUP
Version: V110.0

Ref: 002-8002023

KB Article ID# PL8002023



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