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Consider the following example scenario.

NX Nastran non-linear statics (SOL 106) has been used to analyse a structure for which non-linear material properties have been defined and where the load is sufficient for the material to undergo plastic deformation.

Both stress and strain results can be plotted as a function of the load factor.  However, how to generate a stress vs strain graph of these same results?


Within the 'post-processing navigator':

Plot stress results (contour plot)

Plot stress vs load factor as an xy graph

Save the graph to an '.afu' file (say 'stress_strain.afu')

Plot strain results (contour plot)

Plot strain vs load factor as an xy graph

Save the graph to the same '.afu' file ('stress_strain.afu')

Within the 'xy function navigator':

Expand out the 'afu files - xy tabular function/associated afu/(stress_strain.afu)' item to reveal the graphs

Select both graphs, then 'rhmb, two functions' and select the second of the two options presented (function 2 -> function 1)

A stress vs strain plot will be generated


Alternatively, another method to create the same xy graph plot is detailed within the NX 11 Help Documentation article entitled:

Create a two function plot


KB Article ID# PL8001826



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