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A critical issue has been detected in NX & Simcenter 3D version 12.0.1 related to the creation of materials  in a part when loading a material from the MatML material library.  The problem only affects materials that contain tabular stress data, like a temperature dependent Young's Modulus, but is not limited to this property.  The issue causes these tables to be created as unitless instead of with proper stress units.  Without proper units, these properties are interpreted incorrectly when used downstream, like in solves.  This issue does not affect any materials loaded into parts prior to version 12.0.1.

Dear Siemens PLM Customer,
NX & Simcenter 3D users of version 12.0.1 are advised to:
 - Change the customer default setting for "Gateway->Unit Types and Measures->Unit Symbols" to Localized instead of the default SI Standard.   When this is done, Materials will be created correctly when loaded from the material MatML library. This will not fix any materials loaded in version 12.0.1 from a library when the software was run with the default set to SI Standard.  

- Once you have changed the customer default or you are now running on a later fixed version of NX or Simcenter 3D,  you should delete any Material with the stress table issue and replace it with a newly loaded/created material. 

A fix has been identified and is being targeted for maintenance pack 1 of version 12.0.1. Users of version 12.0.1 are strongly urged to implement this fix in their installations as soon as it is released.


Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.
The Simcenter 3D Team

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  • Product: NX
  • Product: Simcenter

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