Teamcenter TCM55065 Multi-BOM Manager is now available

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This is to announce that TCM55065 Multi-BOM Manager product is now available in price book.

Multi-BOM Manager allows users to define one or more Bill of Materials (BOM) and one or more Plant structure(s). This includes the definition and management of product and plant structures and their relationships to each other. 

The functionality provided by this product is as follows: Create and manage multiple Bills of Material; Creating work area(s); Generating BOM reports; Performing BOM to BOM accountability check; Load and modify multiple structures; Tactical Part / CAD alignment for manufacturing; Apply Configuration Rules (Revision Rules / Closure Rules) to configure variable structures (configurator solver license required); Use Product Configurator engine to set options and variants on structures. 
 Note: this product is to replace the Multi Structure Manager(TC030711). MSM will move to P2 level (Retired: sales to existing customers only) by the end of 2018.  Conversion to MBM is not a must but it is possible based on TC trade-in policy.

Important notes: 

  • MBM product is available from TC 11.3 and on. To enable it in TC 11.3\11.4 the "ME_Enable_MultiBOMManager" preference should be set to "True".  MBM will be available by default in TC 11.5 (i.e. no preference will be required to turn it on).
  • The license file of TC 11 should be refreshed so that the new feature keys for MBM are available. 
  • There are some capabilities in MBM  around BOP authoring in TC 11.3\4 that are available but  will be restricted in TC 11.5. E.g: consuming of parts and tools into the processes\operations, creating  an IPA, open work instructions etc. Users who are looking for such capabilities need to use Manufacturing Process Planning application and not Multi BOM Manager.

Product Information:
  • Product: TECNOMATIX
  • Product: TEAMCENTER

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