Teamcenter Active Workspace 3.4 embedded in NX and Open in NX command

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Making all of the Open in NX commands available in Active Workspace 3.4 embedded in NX.


When upgrading an existing install of Active Workspace (AW3.3 and prior) to Active Workspace 3.4, the following commands will not be available: Open in NX, Add, Set NX Default Folder, Open in NX Requirements and Open in NX Relationship Browser. The issue is caused by the following. 

The GUID in the readme_awn0nx.xml file is wrong. 


Before you upgrade your environment. 

Go to the Teamcenter Install directory of the template Awn0nx. 

Open and Edit the readme_awn0nx.xml file. 

                Change the line

<feature guid="F6ACC2591D3631EABF4337D3C11BBA9A" name="awn0nx" />


<feature guid="4E5E31864D7C986B13708F325714961E" name="awn0nx" />

Save the file.

Proceed with the upgrade.



This is only applicable to AW3.4; no versions prior or after require this.

For a new install of Active Workspace there will be no issue and it will be deployed correctly. 

If the upgrade has been run prior to making the change identified in this SFB then a custom .xml file will need to be run. The file '' contains the .xml and README files and is available in the following two locations:

·        Teamcenter > Full Products > Teamcenter10 > Active Workspace > 3.4
·        Teamcenter > Full Products > Teamcenter11 > Active Workspace > 3.4

Product Information:
  • Product: NX
  • Product: TEAMCENTER

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