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March 5, 2018
Dear Solid Edge Customer: 
Solid Edge ST9 Microsoft Installer (MSI) Maintenance Pack 14 is available for download.
The Solid Edge Team 
Release Notes:
Microsoft Installer (MSI) Maintenance Packs – Solid Edge ST9 Maintenance Packs are installed using Microsoft Installer (MSI) technology. Solid Edge MSI based Maintenance Packs are tracked as Installed Updates.
Update Version:
Download Location:
ST9 Maintenance Packs can be downloaded from:
Downloadable .zip files are complete product setups. Therefore, existing versions must be uninstalled 
using Uninstall a program from the Control Panel before installing the new version.
This Maintenance Pack addresses the following PRs:
PR 7877204: Open as Last Saved not working for placing assembly from part library
PR 9024961: Crash when copying from background sheet
PR 9041036: Unnecessary hatch is displayed when drawing data of ST4 is opened in ST9
PR 9045466: Vertical dimension changes when trying to reattach witness line endpoints
PR 8939156: The position of parentheses in the Reference Dimension is wrong
PR 9068621: Opening the ST4 drawing in ST9 change the dimension position of the ISO view
===Design Manager===
PR 9024445: Prevent duplicate Filename causes a check-in error
PR 9067490: Switching Windows takes many, many seconds
===Built-in Data Management===
PR 9087449: Cannot change non ST9 part/file Status using SolidEdgeFileProperties API

Product Information:
  • Product: SOLID_EDGE

KB Article ID# PL8001687



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