NX X NX/Simcenter/MCD 12.0.1 installlations updated to fix SQL error during non-localized installation

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The installation download files for NX 12.0.1, Simcenter 12.0.1 and Mechatronics Concept Designer 12.0.1 Maintenance Releases were updated on the GTAC download server on February 21, 2018 and given a file designation of .r1 in their name.

The installation was rebuilt on these images to fix the problem described by SFB-NX-8001641 when installing the original 12.0 releases with a non-English UI and then using 12.0.1 to upgrade the original 12.0 release.

The SQL database error which occurred previously during non-English UI install will no longer occur when using the updated install image downloads.

If you use non-English install UI when installing, It is recommended that you download the updated installation images and use for any future installations of NX, Simcenter or Mechatronics Concept Designer.

If you installed using a non-English install UI and used a workaround to previously install NX, Simcenter or MCD with the original install images, you do not need to uninstall and reinstall 12.0.1 releases.  The product software in the images were not changed, only the installation UI was corrected.

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  • Product: NX
  • Product: Simcenter

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