Solid Edge How to get quantity of patterned Slot in PMI annotation?




How to get quantity of patterned Slot in PMI annotation?


You need to export the pattern quantity variable from variable table and use as custom property in property text of PMI annotation callout.

 1. Open Variable table from Tools > Variables
 2. Select variable name of pattern quantity of slot > Export Names > Close Variable table
 3. Select PMI > Annotation > Callout
 4. Select Feature Callout > Copy property text of Simple Callout i.e. %HS X %SH%ZH
5. Paste in Callout text i.e. %HS X %SH (delete %ZH - It's for Slot depth)
 6. Select Property text from Reference > Double click on custom property (name exported from variable table) under [From active document] > Copy custom property text. E.g. %{V1112/CP} (where 'V1112' is my custom property name exported from variable table)
 7. Fest in Callout property text next to feature callout text 
 E.g.: %HS X %SH X%{V1112/CP/@0}
Where last format code '/@n' is for Round-off; where integer n specifies the number of decimals of round-off for a property text value that starts with a number. 

 Hope this helps.

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