Solid Edge Assembly components display different colors




The user has an assembly where some components display with a different color.  Assembly features such as holes were made in defining the assembly.

The style set for these components is: "Use Part style"

However opening the single part the color looks different to how it appears in the assembly.

How to reset the correct visualization of the components on the main assembly?


The styles are coming from the embedded weldment via Assembly Features.  Since the styles that are attached are simple styles but the occurrences are flagged as "Use Part Style" the result is that the cache essentially contains two style identifiers.

Follow this sequence to reset the style of the components: 

1. Suppress assembly features.  
2. Edit (In Place Activate) each component and perform the following operations on each:
a. Start Part Painter.
b. Select "Replace styles" from the far right dropdown list - this was added to forcibly remove hidden style identifiers. 
c. Select "Any" from the middle (Select:) dropdown list.
d. Click on the component.
e. Close and return.
3. Unsuppress the assembly features.

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764
Application: ASSEMBLY
Version: V109MP9
Function: DISPLAY

Ref: 001-8831921

KB Article ID# PL8001479



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