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Making Teamcenter Navigator visible at all times.
When running embedded Active Workspace inside NX, the Teamcenter Navigator is disabled.   Teamcenter Navigator should be enabled at all times, whether embedded Active Workspace is enabled or not.
To enable Teamcenter Navigator set the environment variable, UGII_ENABLE_TC_NAVIGATOR = 1.
Beginning with NX 12.0.1.MP1 this action will no longer be required.
However, you can still use the environment variable to disable Teamcenter Navigator by setting the environment variable, UGII_ENABLE_TC_NAVIGATOR = 0.

NOTE: Use Active Workspace embedded in NX for search, open, and to access Teamcenter data or Teamcenter functionality not supported by Teamcenter Navigator e.g. find and open Requirements Specs, find and open Data Sheets, initiate or respond to a Workflow, add components to Change objects, and so on.

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  • Product: NX

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