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Beginning with NX 12.0 and other associated products: Simcenter, MCD, NX Nastran, documentation, etc., we will post text files containing SHA256 hashes for each download .zip (Windows) or .tar.gz (Linux & MacOS).  The text files can be used to check if the download was complete and correct. 

Each operating system has the ability to create a checksum for a file. This checksum must be the same as the one posted on our website under full product download. If so, you can be sure you downloaded the correct file and the download was completed successfully.

The below describes the commands and the resulting SHA256 information for each platform.  These are the commands we will use on each platform to obtain the SHA256 hash and should be available on platforms for the customer to verify the download.


Command:   CertUtil –hashfile [name_of_zip_file].zip SHA256 >> [name_of_zip_file].sha256.txt

Example:   CertUtil –hashfile nx-12.0.0.zip SHA256 >> nx-12.0.0.sha256.txt

Contents of resulting .txt file:

SHA256 hash of file nx-12.0.0.zip:
78 61 b9 3b 9d 06 5c 06 67 e1 ec 4f db d8 21 78 ba 15 ba 0b f5 d4 62 cd af 34 66 95 bb 29 d7 d8
CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.


Command:  sha256sum [name_of_tar.gz_file].tar.gz >> [name_of_tar.gz_file].sha256.txt

Example:   sha256sum nx-12.0.0.tar.gz >> nx-12.0.0.sha256.txt

Contents of resulting .txt file:

4a7de372f1732a161132296847ea8c84f7044ab35b6a441389d29555e494f960  nx-12.0.0.tar.gz



Command:  openssl dgst –sha256  [name_of_tar.gz_file].tar.gz >> [name_of_tar.gz_file].sha256.txt 

Example:   openssl dgst –sha256 nx-12.0.0.tar.gz >> nx-12.0.0.sha256.txt

Contents of resulting .txt file:

SHA256(nx-12.0.0.tar.gz)= 3fee6e36199169a02d8ac150c4776bacd5d9dd81b23d1034be4a57510379bce8

Product Information:
  • Product: NX

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