NX X REFILE utility obsolete for many releases and now to be retired starting NX 12.0.1

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Siemens PLM Software will retire the REFILE utility formerly included NX release kits.  The REFILE utility has been obsolete for many years and was never required to accomplish an effective upgrade deployment.

Historically, the NX product release kit included the REFILE utility.  This utility was created many years ago for very specific data conditions and was never intended to be run by all customers on all of their data.  Over time, unrelated options unique to specific customer data situations were added to REFILE to provide services-style customizations for specific customers.  This REFILE utility was never mandatory and never recommended when performing NX upgrades.  

Recently, as the NX Product Group has been focused on accelerating and minimizing effort for customer upgrade deployment, it has come to our attention that many companies are improperly using refile.  Some organizations are also using REFILE for purposes that this utility was never designed for, and further reaching invalid conclusions regarding data compatibility or release readiness based on this utility.

At the time of the NX 11 release the user documentation was updated to clarify the purpose of REFILE and to attempt to correct the misperceptions surrounding its use.  NX product improvements were delivered to make NX upgrades faster and easier.  Companies who had previously and incorrectly made REFILE a given step in their upgrade deployment process would have found technical confirmation that there is no benefit to using refile in NX 11.
Unfortunately, confusion on refile remains strong enough to warrant the retirement of this utility from the NX release kit, which will now take place in NX 12.0.1.  Please refer to the NX 11 documentation and updated NX 12.0.1 documentation for further details.  

Building on the achievement of NX 11 in which a complex global customer successfully deployed the NX 11.0.0 release, NX 12.0 is deployment ready. Delivering robust and powerful advanced technologies for product design, development, and manufacturing in a single, multidisciplinary platform.  NX 12 preserves best-in-class customer deployment readiness and builds on the productivity and stability achievements of the previous release.  To this end, the customer requested maintenance time period following initial 0.0 release continues the trend successfully accomplished between NX 7.5 through NX 11.0 where requested maintenance has been shortened by more than 25%.

For assistance with new utilities, options and for reporting concerns and issues, please contact your local GTAC support group.

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