NX X Fix/Workaround to ERROR6 errors when running NX10/NX11 Help updates with SPLM Documentation Server 3.0 or later.

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Beginning with the Siemens PLM Documentation Server 3.0 release, a required change to the format of the plm_helpserver.properties file causes a break in the nxdocs_update.bat released for all Help updates for any 
NX 10 or NX 11 release.

There are two options which can be used to resolve the issue before or after the installation of an NX 10 or 
NX 11 help update to the Siemens PLM Documentation Server 3.0 or later.

Option 1:   Edit the nxdocs_update.bat script before execution.

   Change the line (line 242) in the nxdocs_update.bat which reads:

            for /F "delims== tokens=1,2" %%A in ('findstr /b solr "%PROP_FPATH%"') do (

   and change it to read:

            for /F "delims== tokens=1,2" %%A in ('findstr /b solr.url.port "%PROP_FPATH%"') do (

   so that it picks up the specific line for the solr.url.port in the properties file rather than resolving to the last of 
   three lines containing the "solr" string, which is incorrect.

   Then run the nxdocs_update.bat to install the update.  Note:  you can also make this change after you run the  
   nxdocs_update.bat script and receive error6 errors and then re-run the corrected nxdocs_update.bat to reinstall 
   and properly run the Solr search indexing.

Option 2:  After running the broken nxdocs_update.bat script, you can run the deploySolrIndex.bat script manually.

   Move to the solr_updates folder in the help server location.

   Run: deploySolrIndex.bat [name of zip file] http://localhost:8283/solr

   change the [name of zip file] to be the names of the zip file in the solr_updates folder. 
   ie. nx11-nx_rn-en_US.zip (for NX 11 release notes).

   change the port number (8283) to the port used for installing your solr server.
   eg.  deploySolrIndex.bat nx11-nx_rn-en_US.zip http://localhost:8283/solr

This issue is fixed in all NX 12 and later help updates.

PR PR#8995224
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