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For optimal performance Solid Edge recommends use of a professional graphics card designed for CAD applications.  In the NVidia graphics cards range there is offered both the Quadro and GeForce series of cards.  What are the differences between these two NVidia graphics cards series? 


The NVidia Quadro series is a professional graphics card range.

The NVidia GeForce series is a gaming graphics card range.

Because the Quadro series is a professional graphics card range, the Quadro offers the additional features that the GeForce cards do not have.

The following are found in Quadro FX GPU's and are not found in GeForce GPU's: 
1.) Antialiased Points and Lines also known as "Wireframe" 
Result: Allows diagonal lines to be displayed smooth rather than jagged. 
2.) OpenGL Logic Operations 
Result: Allows drawings on top of 3D scenes without changing or complicating the existing drawing function or effecting performance. 
3.) Clip Regions - Hardware-Accelerated 
Result: Unlike consumer applications (games) that occupy a full screen, workstation applications create many overlapping pop-up windows which can cause an effect in visual quality and performance. The Quadro GPU manages the transfer of data between a window and framebuffer by clip regions providing increased graphic performance. 
4.) Clip Planes Hardware-Accelerated 
Result: Clip Planes allow sections of the geometry to be cut away so the user can view the inside of a solid object. Quadro GPU's support Hardware-Accelerated Clip Planes increasing performance with professional applications. 
5.) Quadro Memory Management Optimization 
Results: Efficiently allocates and shares memory resources between concurrent graphic windows and applications. 
6.) Two sided Lighting 
Results: Creates a realistic image using three dimensional vertices. 
7.) Quad-Buffered Stereo 
Results: Four buffers to the application; front-left, back-left, front-right, back-right. 
8.) Stereo DIN port on most Quadro FX desktop products 
Results: Able to connect the emitter to the card for active stereo. 
9.) Workstation Application Support and Optimization 
Results: Configures card settings for optimized performance on selected workstation applications via pre-built profiles tested by leading application vendors. 
10.) Application Productivity Tools 
Results: Optimized plug-in drivers for POWERdraft and MAXTreme.

Because the Quadro series include these above listed features over the GeForce, this is why the Quadro range is considered to be the optimal video card over the the GeForce video card.

Notes and References

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