Solid Edge Silent installation of Solid Edge Maintenance Packs




How to silently install a Solid Edge Maintenance Pack automatically without any dialogs?


Since Solid Edge now uses Microsoft Installer for the installation of Maintenance Packs, maintenance packs can be installed silently by executing the following steps:

1. Login with a user which is member of the local Administrators group.

2. Start a Windows Command Prompt as Administrator.

3. Change to the Directory where the Solid Edge maintenance pack .exe file is located.  You can skip this step if you use the full path to the maintenance pack .exe file in the next step.

4. Type the following command line and press Enter to run:

Solid_Edge_MSI_MP11.exe /s /v"/qn /l*v  c:\temp\ST9MP11_SilentInstall.log"

In the above command line the following parameters are used:

/s  tells the maintenance pack executable that you would like to perform a silent installation.  If you  do not pass additional parameters to the command it still starts with the interactive dialog.

/v  must be used as a prefix for the parameters you wish to pass to  the Microsoft Installer (MSI).  The parameters must be enclosed within double quotes.

/qn  This parameter will be passed to Microsoft Installer and it means install "quiet" (q) with "no user Interface" (n).  No message boxes or dialogs will be displayed.

/l*v   This parameter will also be passed to Microsoft Installer and it means Microsoft Installer should write a logfile (l), log all Information (*), with verbose output (v), followed by the full name of the log file including the directory. This log file directory must already pre-exist!

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