Simcenter 3D Solutions TMG 'Radiation Model, Step-Tas' file export process fails

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Exporting a TMG 'Radiation Model, Step-Tas' file fails with an error of the form:

'Export simulation file could not be created.  Check file permissions'

Additionally, there maybe similar messages in the NX 'syslog' file.


Exporting a TMG 'Radiation Model, Step-Tas' file will fail with errors of the form shown above if the user does not have 'write permission' to the NX 'start in' folder.

Note that there are two scratch files written by TMG to this location when a 'Radiation Model, Step-Tas' file is exported from NX, so the user needs 'write permission' to this location in order for the export process to succeed.  The two scratch files are:



Hence, if the above issue is encountered, check the 'properties' of any 'desktop Icon' or 'start menu' Item that is used to start NX.  If the specified 'start in' folder looks to be one that the user might not have 'write permission' to, either open up the permissions on that specific folder appropriately, or define a different 'start in' folder (i.e. a folder to which the user does have 'write permission').


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