NX Nissan NSTK - NX Patch - NX903MP04_14MAY15_WIN64 Error

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NX 9.0.3 runs OK. But after applying the Nissan patch, an error occurs. Error message is 

UGRAF.EXE - Entry Point Not Found. 
The procedure entry point: ?FACET_JT_get_platform_threading_settings@@YA?AUPlatformThreadingSeetings@JT@Facet@UGS@XZ could not be located in the dynamic link library D:\Siemens\NX9\UGII\libpart.dll.



1. Nissan NSTK - NX Patch - NX903MP04_14MAY15_WIN64
      The name of the automotive patch implies
    a. Not only NX Maintenance RELEASE v9.0.3 (v9.0.3.4 for its full name) is required as a prerequisite
    b. BUT ALSO  NX Maintenance PACK v9.0.3 MP04 is required as a prerequisite.

2. Customer confirms not having performed and completed the installation of 
       Maintenance PACK v9.0.3 MP04 BEFORE installing the NSTK automotive patch, hence 
       the UGRAF.exe error.

General best practice advice. Always make sure the final NX NATIVE version (NX by itself prior to customizations, integration with Teamcenter, and/or implementation of toolkit environments)  launches or runs.  In this case, because the target NX version was NX v9.0.3 MP04, make sure NX NATIVE v9.0.3 MP04 works first.  Then proceed with the customization, Teamcenter integration or toolkit environment configuration.

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Product: NX
Application: SYSENG
Version: V9.0.3

Ref: 002-8000744

KB Article ID# PL8000744



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