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September 27, 2017
Dear Solid Edge Customer: 
Solid Edge ST10 Maintenance Pack 1 is available for download.
The Solid Edge Team 
Release Notes:
Solid Edge ST10 Maintenance Packs are delivered using Microsoft Installer (MSI) technology. 
Maintenance Pack Version:
Solid Edge ST10 MP1
Download Location:
Solid Edge ST10 Maintenance Packs can be downloaded from:
Maintenance Pack .zip files are complete product setups. Therefore, existing versions must be 
uninstalled using Uninstall a program from the Control Panel.
• MSI Product Updates can be applied on top of the base release and or existing Product Update 
  with a lesser version.
• MSI Product Updates are all inclusive, i.e. fixes delivered in MP3 include all fixes delivered
  in MP1 and MP2.
• MSI Product Updates calculate free disk space before installing. Please note that there have 
  been cases where the Disk Space Computation takes several minutes to complete. Please be patient.
• MSI Product Updates can be uninstalled without having to remove the base Solid Edge product.
• Uninstalling an MSI Product Update will restore the installation to the state before the Product 
  Update was applied.
• PLEASE NOTE: When uninstalling an MSI Product Update, the original source media and the previous 
  Product Update package, if any, must be available to allow the recovery of previous file versions.
• The current MSI Product Update will be the only Update listed and available for uninstallation. 
  After the current Update is uninstalled, the previous Update will become the current Update, if 
  there were multiple Updates installed.
• MSI Product Updates are uninstalled via the Control Panel (Uninstall a program –> View installed 
  updates -> Uninstall).
E-mail Notification: 
To receive direct e-mail notifications for new Solid Edge Maintenance Packs, subscribe to the SFBmail 
For details on initiating your email subscription navigate to: 
This Maintenance Pack addresses the following PRs:
===Part/Profile/Sheet Metal===
PR 8894127: Associative with Material is unchecked at Material Dialog reopen
PR 8927848: Editing synchronous slot aborts the product
PR 8934329: Unacceptable delays when opening part files with Excel links
PR 8943283: Rev Eng commands are not shown on Customize Ribbon (Synchronous) 
PR 8946195: SE crashing when trying to break links on an excel file
PR 8949013: not being able to clear the selection in the Generative Design pane when clicking in a blank area
PR 8950444: Product crashing often when working with the variable table
PR 8951650: Random abort when working with the draft copy command
PR 8866035: "Fill Holes - Fill options drop-down name looks wrong in Vertical QB." for fill holes dialog vertical QB
PR 8932008: Accept button is missing on Manual Regions command - Vertical QB
PR 8933269: Fit Surface - Multiples entries with the same name is observed on Delete Surface 
PR 8942388: Undo does not get logged for Create Gen Study
PR 8946295: Solid Edge crashes if we convert to Mesh body in this case
PR 8345587: Solid Edge aborts when double click on user variable value in VT 
PR 8925837: Cannot change the Tolerance on the "Fit" CommandBar 
PR 8930935: Generative Study objects getting tagged OOD when they should not
PR 8942181: SE crashes if put wrong entry on Material Table-import File Open dialog
PR 8957335: Material in PathFinder out-of-date.
PR 8957904: Line missing in dxf when using save as flatten
PR 8920032: Part Painter: New Face Color will only show after a feature recompute
PR 8933291: "Delete Mesh - Failed to Apply Changes dialog is shown twice." for delete mesh command.
PR 8943283: Rev Eng. commands are not shown on Customize Ribbon (Synchronous) 
PR 8959244: Can't Dimension Live Section
PR 8901488: New revisions for all FOP members are not replaced in assembly in below workflow
PR 7931638: Performance is slow with Intellisketch Cursor Tooltip option enabled
PR 8928360: Report font size gets larger when creating a report
PR 8967458: Sketch Dimension in ST8 is locked, while in ST9/ST10 is unlocked
PR 8969006: Different behavior between ST9 and ST10 if the same action is carried out
PR 8972005: Live Section region opacity display is broken in ST10 
PR 8977273: Solid Edge crashes after switching to Ordered and placing a feature from feature library
PR 7478257: FOA: User can select an FOA member on File -> Open while another member is active
PR 8919002: an abort in Assembly
PR 8923806: 'Get Latest' cmd takes 2.6X longer to start from network share compared to local
PR 8928207: the Place Part window in environments other than Assembly.
PR 8948791: abort on selecting edge from a bad slot feature to place assembly relation
PR 8346426: custom pipe fitting valve placed away from handle point
PR 8346579: CustomOccurrenceProperty.xml Properties with Invalid behavior types added to asm
PR 8920113: SE-User defined mass not carried into upper-level assembly
PR 8960150: Set axis of revolution method fails in assembly
PR 8900552: Assembly cfg can't be saved and other strange behavior after use of Save As Copy 
PR 8513742: Japanese vertical text is not displayed correctly in Windows.
PR 8858589: Callout with value of surface area does not update when surface area changes
PR 8867258: Break line extends when opening in ST9
PR 8941798: Clicking Help on Options tab opens help page for Groups tab
PR 8945381: Drop list is shown at incorrect location and SE aborts
PR 8887266: The draft File with 3D File and without 3D File are different.
PR 8957366: Create 3D dialog in ST10 is not in English when regional settings non-Eng
PR 8535286: Dimension disappears when active window changes
PR 8928941 Section view can't be created correctly in ST9. 
PR 8959448: Problem re-attaching symmetric dimensions.
PR 8943239:  If we changed a size of BMP on draft, ST9 changes size downward.
PR 8966926: A filled area is not displayed correctly in ST9
PR 8955052: Fixed an abort when opening draft 
PR 8968657: Excel's title inserted in new Draft file is different than ST4
PR 8918420: SW data Migration of a draft terminates at dxf creation point.
PR 8965907: Backport of changes to ST10MP of feature 'Support Asserted Mass Properties'
PR 8966349: STL File Translation Error
PR 8938055: Dimensions spanning a Broken View are incorrect after translation to & from DWG
PR 8949119: Tube.Path(objNPaths) throws an exception in ST9
PR 8954367: Exception on close in visual.dll when using SEPreview.ocx
PR 7993126: ST9 custom add-in menu is divided into two tabs using API of AddCommand
PR 8936602: DisplayData::GetTextAndFontAtIndex - Fails (throws exception)
PR 8333251: user-specific paths cause saving problems after deploying sepref to another user
PR 8924862: View manipulation strings gets hidden for this case.
PR 8937432: Unregister SEPropertyhandler.dll, windows event log does not capture the process
PR 8901842: ST8 aborts using Property Manager
PR 8962710: Can't borrow SE Tech Pub license features; they are not shown in the utility UI
PR 8943216: Incorrect error message shown from Search if 'V&M' is not installed
PR 8944560: Where Used folders showing red when mapping to fully qualified name share
PR 8978423: Fast Search: SE Properties are lost after applying ST9 MP Patch
===Solid Edge SharePoint===
PR 8927189: SESP file save: SE locks up after generate in an ordered file
===Teamcenter Integration for Solid Edge===
PR 7724385: Update Status and Synchronize do not work if driven reference not saved to Tc
PR 8858522: Item description is deleted after revision save in Solid Edge
PR 8917637: Project Name displays Item Name instead of actual value for Project Name
PR 8919610: SE Translation Services generates application error while converting dft to pdf
PR 8927624: BOM Synchronize does not recognize component that is an SE Assembly
PR 8927949: Read-Only Setting Not Retained When Clicking Save As Default
PR 8928972: Offline Mode user able to create new content using Engineering Reference
PR 8929041: Inter-Part link related message is not displayed in Offline mode
PR 8932010: Offline mode user able to create new assembly using Transfer command
PR 8933547: Missing file error when re-opening assembly after adding to new assembly
PR 8936434: User able to create new members using Alternate ASM in Work Offline mode
PR 8936490: New Part files are created by Interference Options in Work Offline mode
PR 8936552: Able to create new Parts and ASM using Mirror components cmd in Work Offline
PR 8937693: In assembly part gets checked out after replace
PR 8944797: Opening Rev B of FOP master opens Rev A instead, when Rev A is released
PR 8945903: crash when opening FOA from MRU after new member created 
PR 8933547: Missing file error when re-opening assembly after adding to new assembly
PR 8945653: download API does not allow a managed JT dataset to be downloaded 
PR 8945903: crashes when opening FOA from MRU after new member created
PR 8920725: Solid Edge with Teamcenter, show dataset description property.
PR 8928972: In Offline Mode user able to create new content using Engineering Reference
PR 8937693: In assembly part gets checked out after replace 
PR 8957604: Item Number column in Occurrence Properties disappears.
PR 8975742: Enable Teamcenter Server Logging at SEEC Login
===Built-in Data Management===
PR 8975742: BiDM: Save As Frame component does not work 
===Design Manager===
PR 8847576: The Save As process lasts much longer if the data set is stored on a network
PR 8902403: Design Manager: Unexpected overwrite message is shown during Save As
PR 8932196: Save as does not remain in the last selected folder location
PR 8932217: Release action for dataset takes 1.5 times against ST9 RTM
PR 8947721: Where Used process crashes with a Close Program error when selecting Recursive
PR 8345572: Home>Find Duplicates reports "Folder is not indexed" - apostrophe in name
PR 8886062: Design Manager with Insight don't maintain the column setting
PR 8864024: Family of Parts (FOP) - Child part update issue with revised Master part
PR 8932196: Save as does not remain in the last selected folder location

Product Information:
  • Product: SOLID_EDGE

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