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When performing a 'Save As' operation, the option, 'Replace All Components in Session' is grayed out and unavailable.


Replace All Components in Session allows the replacement of all instances of the part in an assembly. If a single part is the displayed part, it is replaced with the newly created part. If the option is not selected, the 'Save As' operation creates a new or revised item, but the selected item (or items in an assembly) on which the 'Save As' operation was performed is not replaced, and the original remains. 'Replace All Components in Session' is only available if the Customer Defaults setting 'Enable Multiple Revisions' is turned on.

1. Select 'File-->Utilities-->Customer Defaults'.
2. Expand 'Teamcenter Integration' and highlight 'General'.
3. Select the 'Multiple Revisions' tab.
4. Choose to turn on or off 'Enable Multiple Revisions'.
5. OK the Customer Defaults dialog.
6. Re-start NX for any changes to take effect.

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: all
OS: n/a
OS Version: n/a
Product: NX
Application: NXMANAGER
Version: V11.0
Function: FILE_SAVE_AS

Ref: 002-8000641

KB Article ID# PL8000641



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