NX X Critical issue with the setting for the Customer Default NX_Expression_Angular_Units_for_Distance_Calculations

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   The customer defaults shipped with NX11 has Radians set as the value for

This customer default determines which angular units are used while performing calculations combining expression values of length with angular values. 

The choices are Degrees or Radians. If it is set to radians, whenever a multiplication or division is performed between a length and an angle, the angle is converted to radians before the operation. 

For example,

[mm] Radius = 1
 [degrees] Angle = 90
 [mm] Arclength = Radius * Angle

With the customer default set to Radians, the expression Arclength will have the value of 1.570796327 mm.

With the customer default set to Degrees, the expression Arclength will have the value of 90 mm.


Prior to NX11, NX users would perform the conversion of degrees to radians manually in the formula. However, when these parts are brought into NX11, the values for those expressions will be wrong. Plus, we have no way of knowing which customer default setting was used when NX11 parts were created. This could potentially be a problem when combining parts created in different locations. 

In a future version of NX, this customer default will be eliminated and the usage of degrees/radians for angles will be rationalized. When this happens, a part conversion will occur and it will become very important to have all parts created and saved with this customer default set to Degrees.


The customer default should be changed to Degrees.

In NX11, this customer default can be found under:

File->Utilities->Customer Defaults->Simulation->User Interface

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  • Product: NX

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