NX X What kind of role does "moldbase_map.xls" play?

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There is "moldbase_map.xls" in the folder of mold base library.
(MOLDWIZARD_DIR\mold base\metric\)

It is referred by "MAP_FILE" in "F" column - FMS sheet of "moldbase_reg_mm.xls".
What kind of role does "moldbase_map.xls" play?


The map file is used for adding a concept mold base, such as DME, FUTABA & LKM.
A concept mold base is a single part instead of an assembly which is used to represent a real mold base in a lightweight mode, so that customers don't need to insert a big mold base assembly in the draft design.

The model is located in located in %MOLDWIZARD_DIR%\templates\, and named moldbase_mm.prt for metric project, and moldbase_in.prt for inch project.
Since DME, FUTABA and LKM shared one concept mold base model, while their date files are different, so we introduce moldbase_map.xls to build the parameter references.

Launch the Mold Base dialog box, turn on the Concept Design toggle and you can insert a concept mold base.

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Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Product: NX
Application: KDA
Version: V11.0.1

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