NX X It takes much time to move a routing component in large assemblies

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As "Anywhere in Assembly" move component scope is not supported for moving a connected routing component, the user has no other way than setting "Work Part Only" scope.

With "Work Part Only"scope, if the user executes "Move Component" command and select a routing component, the top sub assembly of the component is getting selected as a candidate for move component. 
Hence the user needs to find out the immediate parent part of the component and make it as work part before executing move component. This process takes much time in large assemblies.


To work around this situation, the user can change the workflow as follows

Select the component at first and then execute MB3->Move Part (or Move Component).

This way NX automatically makes the immediate parent of the component as work part. This workflow ensures faster process of moving a routing component in large assemblies.

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764
Product: NX
Version: V11.0
Function: PART

Ref: 002-8000518

KB Article ID# PL8000518



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