Simcenter 3D Solutions "Out of Memory, Please Reduce the Frequency Domain" error in Response Simulation

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The User Sees a message "Out of Memory, Please Reduce the Frequency Domain" when evaluating Response Simulation events.


This is often caused by setting the additional spectral lines  for the event excessively.  This setting is adding a number of extra response points to be evaluated between the evaluation points determined from the excitation function.  In an event with 10 points on the excitation curve and a setting of 10 additional spectral lines, the user will see 100 evaluation points: the 10 defined in the excitation function and 10 between each of those frequencies.  In events with many points on the excitation curve, this can quickly generate tens of thousands of evaluation points.


If the event is an "even" event, the default evaluations occurs at the frequencies of the excitation function.

If the event is "uneven" the excitation function frequencies and the natural frequencies make up the set of original response frequencies.

KB Article ID# PL8000072



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