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The material orientation data associated with solid elements in a component fem is not transformed correctly in the context of an assembly fem when the material orientation has been defined by way of a spatial field and the component fem has been re-orientated within the context of the assembly fem.

This is true for models which include solid 'inflated' laminate elements (created using the 'extrude laminate' and 'fill laminate' commands) where the material orientation is defined as a spatial field for each layer of elements, and also for models which include homogeneous solid elements for which the material orientation has been manually defined as a spatial field.


Spatial fields do not currently support transformations in the context of an assembly fem (though this may change in a future release).

However, for some models it may be possible to work-around this problem.  Specifically, once the solid elements have been created and the spatial fields generated, it is possible to subsequently edit the affected meshes (via 'mesh associated data'), and modify the material orientation method from 'spatial field' to (for example) 'tangent curve' (or any other appropriate method).  As the material orientation of the affected meshes will now be defined by a method other than spatial field, any required transformation of the material orientation data in the context of the assembly fem will be performed correctly.  However, it might not be possible to modify every model using this approach, either because there is no suitable alternative material orientation method, or the task of modifying every affected mesh is just too time consuming.


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