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Different plants may have some number of work areas that contain several of the same objects. These groups of common objects are often put in a Compound Resource.

To expedite the layout process it would be helpful to be able to share these CompoundResources between studies under different Sysroots.

There is a way to share these Compound resources across studies and projects.


The only way to reuse a set of objects (assembly) in different studies is using Insert Component.

CompoundResources cannot be exported and made into components. Hence EquipmentPrototype must be used. 

The EquipmentPrototype COJT contains no geometry. It is a place holding COJT containing a Compound.xml. This XML contains the list of components used by the EquipmentPrototype. Each entry is the full library path name to the COJT for that component.

Copying of the EquipmentPrototype COJT will not copy all of the subcomponents. 
It will only copy the list of subcomponents (Compound.xml).

Save As PSZX will save a study with all of the referenced components. A PSZX can be used to bundle and copy an EquipmentPrototype to another study.

1. Open a new (empty) study. 
2. Insert only the EquipmentPrototype to be transferred into the study. 
3. Save the study as PSZX (PSZ with libraries). 
4. Unzip the PSZX. 
 This will result in a PSZ and a Libraries.zip. 
5. Copy Libraries.zip to the destination Sysroot. 
6. Extract the contents of Libraries.zip.

One can now insert the EquipmentPrototype into the new study.

Note the component types will need to be defined for this new study.

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