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In the case of a multi-level assembly, after making a sub-assembly the work 
part and select a component inside this sub-assy -> RM -> Move Component -> 
the top-level assembly becomes the work part and the selected component 
will be unhighlighted.


 This is the designed behaviour, which is controlled under: 
Customer Default --> Assemblies --> Positioning --> Interface --> Move 
Component --> Scope --> Anywhere in Assembly.

If this is used, then while the Move Component dialog is running the work part 
is set to the display part. This is necessary as the components can be 
selected (and moved) from anywhere in the displayed part. 
On exit from the dialog, the work part is reset to its previous value.

If you have some components selected when the dialog is entered, 
we assume that they are the components the user wants to move. Therefore, the 
dialog is begun with the "Transform" block active, to save time. The 
components are still selected, and can be seen as highlit by returning control 
to the "Components to Move" block.

If this is not a desired behavior, then you should either reset the Move 
Component option to "Work Part Only", or change their display options so that 
the work part does not affect the display/translucency options.

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Platform: all
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Product: NX
Application: ASSEMBLIES
Version: V12.0.2

Ref: 002-7009858

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