Tecnomatix Upgrading Creo JT translator to Creo3 for CADTranslators 5.1.2

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CADTranslators 5.1.2 supports only Creo2 translations. To support Creo3 or Creo4 the appropriate PLM Components JT Translator for CREO must be installed.

Then the Creo3 parts can be exported from Creo3 as JT and imported using CADTranslators.


The Tecnomatx CADTranslators for Creo calls the standalone PLM Components JT Translator for Creo product. It exports the Creo file as JT and CADTranslators imports the JT.

Although PLM Components JT Translator for Creo3 cannot be invoked by CADTranslators 5.1.2, it can be run from a command window or Creo 3. The parts can be manually exported as JT and imported into CADTranslators using its GUI.

When installing PLM_Components_JT_Translator_for_CREO2_CREO3_CREO4_v13_1_64Bit the user is asked if it is to be integrated. Respond 'Yes' if Creo2, 3 or 4 are installed.

If integration is selected, the <Translators install point>\Siemens\Translators\Creo\prodev.dat file will be copied to: 
<Creo installpoint>\CREO3.0\F000\Common\x86e_win64\text\usascii. 

Once integrated, the JT export/import capabilities are under the Creo Tools menu.

If not all three versions of Creo are installed then the prodev.dat should be edited and the extra version references deleted.

Remove the 'name ProClient_NT ..... end' block for libproclientCr2_nt.dll and libproclientCr4_nt.dll

Note: If the installation folder is <Creo install point>\CREO3.0\M110 the installation will report installation folder not found.

This is because of registry changes by PTC for this particular version (Creo 3 M110). 

The situation is as follows:

a. For Creo 3 installs (except for M110 version), the registry entry  is "PTC CREO PARAMETRIC"

b. For Creo 3 M110 version, the registry entry is "CREO PARAMETRIC". This registry change is specific to M110 only. 

c. Based on the "PTC CREO PARAMETRIC" registry entry, the installer searches for the install location and other parameters required for integrating the translator with Creo 2, 3, 4.

d. Since there is a change in the registry itself, the installer is failing to integrate the translator and hence the error dialog.

e. A work-around is to manually copy the prodev.dat generated in the translator install location to:

"<Creo 3 M110 install>\Creo 3.0\M110\CommonFiles\x86e_win64\text\usascii"

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Platform: AMD64
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OS Version: 864
Version: V12.1.3.X
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