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Where is the "Tolerance - Distance" setting in Simulation-General of Customer 

Default used


 Tolerance-Distance seting used in Customer Default can be used and retrieved 

using API callers.

This is part of the system that uses Mesh Pref Data and invoked through 

AskMeshPrefData and invoking AskTinyEdgeTol of the MeshPref object.

The following are callers of this information: 

- MESHPOINT_ask_snap_tol 

- "GetESize" in feature abstraction 

- "show_medialaxis_data" in debug display 

- SF_MESH_PREF_ask_tiny_edge_tolerance

The last one is used in the following areas: 

- Auto Heal Geometry 

- Dependent Mesh 

- Mesh2d 

- Mesh3d 

- Project Nodes to CAD 

- Mesh Control 

- Laminate CATIA Ply Groups 

- Mesh1d 

- Edge Match in meshing 

- SFSAM_GetSmartMeshingOrder 

- Weld utils 

- Manual Sweep 

- Ship Mesh Automation 

- Face dependency


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