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When trying to run Solid Edge through a remote desktop such as Microsoft RDC or in a virtual machine such as a Citrix client, etc., Solid Edge will not run and throws an error message about not being able to run on a Terminal Service.  Is it possible to run Solid Edge in a remote desktop or virtual machine environment?


Yes, it is theoretically possible to run Solid Edge in a remote desktop or virtual machine environment. In order to accomplish this you must have a custom Solid Edge license file that will enable remote desktop usage.

While it is possible to create this custom license file to fulfil your request, it is critical that we ensure that proper expectations are set with all parties involved.  In order to move forward we need customer 
details, justification for the custom license file, documented approvals from everyone involved, and acknowledgement that Customer, Partner, and others involved understand the limitations involved with custom license files. 

To move forward with a request for a custom Solid Edge license file to enable remote desktop usage you must provide and acknowledge the below information.

1) Provide the following details.

  • Customer 
  • Company Name: 
  • Company Sold-to: 
  • Contact Name: 
  • Contact email:
Provide the justification for issuing a custom license file.

2) Custom License file limitations.

  • Custom license files are not archived / available for download from License Management 
  • Custom license files are not automatically updated and issued with new releases of Solid Edge 
  • The local account CAA cannot create or update custom license files

3) Requesting an update or change to a Custom License file.

  • Custom license file requests for update must be submitted to GTAC and or designated backup 
  • Custom license file requests for update must be submitted a minimum of 48 hours before needed 
  • Must provide original email documenting approvals and acknowledgements with each request for update 
  • Must provide the current custom license file with each request for update

If the customer wishes to continue with a custom license please provide the following:

  • Confirmation from Sales that they approve the custom license and agree to the points above 
  • Confirmation from the Partner that they agree and understand the points above 
  • Current commercial license file from SAP 
  • License Server machine name and MAC address 
  • Version of Solid Edge for the custom license

If you can provide all of the above information to GTAC then we will be able to issue you with a custom license file that is suitable for use with virtual machines.

Notes and References

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 1064
Application: SETUP
Version: V219.0

Ref: 002-7009694

KB Article ID# PL7009694



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