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What is meant by FSF & TCP flags in log file during Thermal Flow solution


Thermal Boundary Condition Type Value FSF TCP 


 1 - Thermal Load(1) Heat Load Time All No 

 2 - Thermal Load(2) Heat Load 1.000E+06 mN-mm/s No No 

 3 - Thermal Load(3) Heat Load 1.000E+06 mN-mm/s No No 

 4 - Thermal Load(4) Heat Load 1.000E+06 mN-mm/s All No 

 5 - Thermal Load(5) Heat Load 1.000E+06 mN-mm/s No No 

 6 - Thermal Load(6) Heat Load 1.000E+06 mN-mm/s No No 

 4 - Temperature(4) Temperature 1.000E+02 C Yes No 

 1 - INIT_BC Initial Temp 2.000E+01 C Yes No 


 FSF means "Flow surface" and TCP means "Thermal coupling". 

A "No" means the selection is not part of a Flow Surface/Thermal Coupling, a 

"Yes" means it is and "All" means all the selection for this thermal BC is part 

of a Flow Surface/Thermal Coupling.


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