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When I create a CSYS in the .fem, I can not select the CSYS in the "orient" of 

the sim.

Only CSYS that I created in the .sim can be selected.


 Selection has multiple modes. One of the modes (on the far left of the 

selection bar) controls which type of entities can be selected.

Just to the right is a pulldown which controls the selection scope. 

The default mode of many of the Modeling commands which are shared by the 

Pre/Post application is "Within Work Part Only". Polygon geometry, elements, 

etc. do not exist in the SIM and so cannot be selected while in this mode.

Change the mode to "Entire Assembly" or "Work Part and Components" will allow 

the selection. Dialog memory will retain the changed setting so this is only 

needed usually in Pre/Post when using the release for the first times or if 

dialog memory is reset. 

With this one can select and orient the csys in .sim file too.


KB Article ID# PL7009579



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